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Picture of is plane in South Africa before his first flight with the Town Council guests of East Londen and his mechanic in foreground.
This picture is from an original glass negative I discovered.
Coenie Breytenbach
South Africa

On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 7:56 PM, les godas <> wrote:
Thank you for your email and the picture
Where dii you find it?
why are you interested in Kimmerling?
we have a lot of fotos and original letters from this man
we often met his family in Europe and we organised in 2011 a special show in our small village (Miontceau) where he came 100 years ago
if you have more information about his stay in south africa we are really interested
Thanks in advance
best regards
Jean Marc Henryon
Godas association President

Ten years ago I bought some secondhand photographic equipment from a widow and she gave me about 20 glass negatives(150mm x 200mm) which I date to be about 80 - 100 years old.
Last week I took them out to have a look again because I remembered that the were pictures from the 2 Boer war with England 1899-1902 among them, I then saw one with a plane and scanned it, only to see the name of Albert Kimmerling on the tail.
I then Googled the name and was very much surprised to find out the importance of this man.
In South Africa the only picture of his flights in history books, is the one of his plane in the air with a few spectators on the ground, and I was so happy to see a lot more detail of his plane on my picture.
Since I have send you the mail I have noticed another man witch looks similar to Albert at the front left wing, only his face showing with mustache, looking at the camera?
The race course does not exist any more and there is only a sign at a street corner to show where the first flight took place.

I am also busy buillding a Piper cub J3, and since finding the picture are even more keen to finish it.
I will contact the museum in East Londen to try and find out some more information.
It is good to hear from you and I will keep in touch.
Coenie Breytenbach
Heidelberg, Gauteng
South Africa

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